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7 things to know about Seizure-Alert Dogs
7 things to know about Siezure-alert dogs Not too long ago, I posted an article about the positive effects dogs have on mental health...
exercise to help your mental health.
Exercise to help your mental health Every year you have your summer with new goals. With goals of all kinds. Mine is my mental health. But part of me wonders how a summer goal to exercise to help your...
The mental health benefits of owning a dog
Mental health benefits of owning a dog I had never gone to the Humane Society to adopt and rescue a pet before, and of course, I am not an expert on training dogs or what products to use. But my dog...
Wellness Tools & Coping Skills
Wellness tools & coping skills While being a peer support specialist and a person who has dealt with epilepsy for the last 34 years I learned about wellness tools & coping skills and the difference...
Mental Health and Epilepsy
mental health and Epilepsy Your mental health and Epilepsy can have a relationship. Things such as depression are very common in people diagnosed with epilepsy. But my name is John, and I am a certified...
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