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3 New year’s goals for your Mental Health
3 New Year’s goals for your Mental health It is a new year, and I am going to be working on one of the most important things in a person’s life, my mental health. Out of all the goals I could choose...
Key things to know about Winter Depression
Key things to know about winter depression Welcome to the wonderful winter weather of the year and to some welcome winter depression. Now the question is what is winter depression? How does it affect...
Epilepsy and FND
epilepsy and FND  As people, like me, who are diagnosed with epilepsy we know the symptoms and side effects of the seizures and the medicine we take. But what if a loved one you know has FND (functional...
Regenerative cells and Epilepsy
 Regenerative Cells and Epilepsy What do regenerative cells and epilepsy have to do with each other? In the last decade, there has been a breakthrough in mankind’s ability with regenerative cells....
cannabis and Epilepsy
cannabis and Epilepsy In the small town I grew up in, the older generation smoked cannabis, or what they called pot all the time to help them relax after long days of work. As a teenager, I even tried...
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